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SReward System

Do you feel this reliance on technology, and the rapidly changing modes of communication has made it more difficult for you to engage with your kids through positive parenting in lasting and impactful ways? If so, you’re not alone. Parenting support tools are shifting, kids are harder to motivate, and parents need to be able to operate in the same environment as their kids. GoalUP addresses these issues and provides a fun and unique way for parents and kids to work together, defining goals, setting benchmarks, tracking results and rewarding success at the same time. Now there is a way to help ensure that your children can grow with goals and forge a path to a successful future.

Did you know?

90% of 5-8 year olds today have used a computer and 52% of them have access to a mobile device (parents need to connect with their kids in any way they can)

Cell phone texting has become the preferred channel of basic communications between teens (GoalUP provides a constructive way of utilizing this communication method)


  • Computer
  • Mobile Device

Did you know?

Over 60% of parents reward their kids with an average weekly allowance of $5 - $20 (cash is not memorable and will not lead to repeat behavior, tangible awards do)


Did you know?

The average annual expenditure by parents on discretional items per child is between $1,300 and $3,200 (let them contribute by earning points redeemable for discretionary items)

Annual Expenditures