The web-based solution provides you with an opportunity to stay connected to your children and use a reward system for desired behaviors by utilizing multiple communication methods that they are comfortable with and exposed to every day. And it’s simple too. In less than ten minutes you can create and fund an account for each participating child and begin setting goals. “iChallenge” goals are set by parents (or designated influencers) – "iPromise" goals are suggested by your children and subject to parental approval.

All goals are assigned a point value by the parent (or designated influencer). Once your child completes the goal the points are activated. Once activated, points can be banked and/or redeemed for rewards. “On The Spot” rewards can be used as a way to recognize your child on a moment’s notice for unexpected accomplishments. As parents, you will select from a list of age appropriate award categories that will appeal to your child’s interests. Once your child has saved up enough points the choices for redeeming those points will be endless! Thousands of brand name awards to include merchandise, gift cards, digital downloads, special events and so much more will be made available to them.

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