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What motivates your child? GoalUP is the perfect solution for parents looking to get more from their kids...

How do I help my kid at school?

Education is what separates us. The same is true for our children. It’s not about academic achievement, but rather engagement in the education process. There is something that appeals to all children. Find that and reinforce it through goal setting that supports their continued (and accelerating) engagement. Your child may not be motivated to learn more about the traditional subjects (math, reading, social studies, etc.). Or maybe they do trend toward the traditional. Putting education in a context that appeals to their interests is the best way to get them to engage and excel. You know your children. Set goals that motivate them to first engage, and second, expand their interests.

How do I get my kids playing sports?

Not all children are destined for athletic greatness. In fact, most are not. But organized sports can instill confidence, create lasting relationships and promote physical fitness. You know your children, and a healthy dose of self-awareness will help you determine what the appropriate level of encouragement is necessary. If your child shows enthusiasm for one sport over another, encourage that path and set goals that reward him/her for incremental achievement. The opposite is also relevant: if your child only wants to play sports and neglects academics, chores, community or family, adjust your goal setting to achieve the appropriate balance for you and your family.

How do I get my kids to eat healthy food?

Your children follow your lead. Most of us could do a better job eating healthy and staying physically fit. Start there and build upon it. Set goals that balance healthy eating with some latitude for things that kids like. You know what they are, because we were all kids. One effective approach is to engage with your child to make family dinners. Award them for their contribution and bump up the award if their contribution is healthy.

How do I get my kids to do chores?

We wish we had the magic answer. We don’t. But there is a lot of upside if you can craft goals that will motivate your children. You know them best, and you know what motivates them. Teaching your children that they are expected to contribute to the household is important. Work ethic is something that is learned early in life and builds on itself over time. Be very specific with your goal setting around chores. It’s one of the areas where you know what needs to be done, and what its worth to have your children contribute. Just be reasonable with your expectations (i.e. – your 4 year old daughter may not be able to mow the lawn, but she can certainly clean her room and clear her dinner plate).

How do I get my kids to volunteer?

Community service, charity and just being a good person are cornerstones to character building. Setting goals for your children that encourage giving back will only help them become good, well-rounded citizens. Use an example that highlights something you may have done to help someone in need, as your children look up to you and will gladly follow your lead.

How do I get more quality family time?

“Screen time” is the biggest detriment to quality family time today. The constant draw of the phone, tablet or computer is driving our children into a hole devoid of personal interaction. That said, setting goals for your children that proactively and productively limit screen time is one way to curb the loss of family time. Have a real conversation with your kids about the importance of family time. Once the screens are out of reach, you’ll be surprised at how receptive they can be. Don’t take them away, as they are a core component of their daily lives and they will resent you if it is viewed as a penalty. Stay positive and productive.